Ravelympics 2010

The Ravelymics are a knitting/spinning/crochet challenge.  While not being particularly clear on all the details, the point is that the crafter challenges his/herself to learn or complete a new technique or massive project during the Olympics.  For instance, If you have never done cables before you might try an Aran sweater, from start to finish during the Olympics, beginning with the opening ceremony and ending with/by the closing ceremony.

I love the idea of crafters challenging themselves to learn something new or push their skills to the limit.  I'm also a big fan of a project that allows me to sit in front of the TV for two weeks straight.

However, I am not participating in the Ravelympics this year.  Actually probably never.  I do not deal well with deadlines and when I set myself a time line I always get bored and resent the project.  Some examples the Juno Regina lace, mohair, bead project, my aunt's silver scarf sitting at 2/3rds complete or better yet Sylvi which has been sitting 3/4 finished  and partially blocked next to my bed for MONTHS.

I guarantee however, if I was participating, it would be a spinning/dying project.  Obsessed much?

I know several people who flourish under deadlines, Krissy (whether she likes it or not, she does) and Susan is fantastic at a challenge, really only producing finished projects under deadlines (Sweater a Month project in 2007 anyone? Couldn't find a link for that, but it was awesome.).  I hope they take up the torch and can't wait to see what they pump out.


Susan said...

You know if I have too much pressure I'll just end up going to be at 7:30 pm! lol

semi-crazy blonde girl said...

Now I need to figure out what I am going to do... hmm. I love a good challenge! :)