The Rough Treatment

I wash my hands a lot when I am working on fiber projects and I am (probably overly) concerned about passing odors into the fiber. I might be a little unreasonable about it, but I don't care. As a result my hands get dry and stiff and I just don't like it.

But now, my hands have never felt so smooth. I ordered Shea Butter Spinners Balm - Lavender Lemongrass from Bohemiafibers on Etsy.  Oh it smells so good!Image from Bohemiafibers's Etsy Shop

The day I got it I exfoliated my hands by scrubbing with some salt and almond oil. Olive oil could easily have substituted for the almond. Rinsed them and coated them heavily with the spinners balm and gloved them overnight. Since that night I have applied much smaller amounts to my hands an hour or so before setting to my spinning.

It is a balm so it is thick and a little oily. I wouldn't want to apply it immediately before a project. When I need to maintain my dexterity/grip but still moisturize I use Neutrogena Hand Cream. My grandmother carries this on her and has since I was a little kid. I have always loved the smell and the feel of her hands. It is thick but absorbs well. I think I have six or seven tubes floating around the condo as well as one in my desk at work and another in my purse.

In Knitting News: I started and nearly finished already another Buttony sweater (Cause I already made myself one once).  This time for my baby sister in Wool-Ease Chunky Spice.  I'm making it long with short sleeves.  I kept forgetting to put in button holes so I have stopped.  I am instead going to sew in one of those hook and eye bands.  It is from stash yarn (look at well behaved me) and is just zooming along.

I continue to knit my Aunt's Silver Scarf.  Just slowly.  Most of my knitting time lately has been at social events or Saturdays on the trolley to work Harbor Excursions Whale Watching trips.  I would love to finish this before scarf weather is over in Boise, however, I am just bored with the pattern.  Which I thought would be impossible.

And Finally, In Spinning News: Last night I finished spinning the Targhee top I purchased earlier.  It is a very fine an evenly spun single compared to my other work, but not lofty at all.  Slightly dense.  As a result I have decided to make a it a 2 ply to preserve as much length as possible and hopefully make it suited to a lace project.  I think it will have an absolutely fantastic drape when knit up.  If only I knew someone interested in lace knitting. I know I'm really not.

Supported spindle progresses foot by foot late at night in my bed.  I still love the process, however I have discovered my roommate's cat Scoffield is a totally pain in my elbow (literally) when I do it in the living room.  I had to throw it him from under my arm and behind me several times.  Is he interested? Or does he enjoy bugging me?

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Susan said...

He can't help being naughty! It's how he rolls. lol.

Love the lavender/lemon grass balm. Yummy smell and great on the hands. Thanks for sharing some.