JoCo w/ Paul and Storm

I woke up this morning unsure how I spent my evening and as it all comes flooding back to me, it feels pretty damn unreal.

When I heard Jonathan Coulton announce his concert in San Diego, I was invited... no, scratch that... I offered is probably a better word, to sell merchandise for him. With absolutely no other thought in my brain than maybe I'll get a little extra hello, it turns out it scored me a free ticket to the show and he needed the help of a friend.

I knew exactly who would want to help, but the culprit was in Boise, ID. A long way to come for a concert. Long~ish story short, I pestered him enough and down he came.

Yesterday, the day of the concert, I was not sure what time I was supposed to be there. When work came around in the morning I figured if I was there by the time the doors opened, that would probably be good. I looked up directions. I looked up parking. I looked up the spelling of Troy Polamalu. I did not look up what time the doors opened and I presumed an hour before the show.

Well color me dumbfounded to find that they opened TWO hours before the show. And I discovered this only 1.5 hours prior. Stressed out we find a parking place, run to the show and give our names at the door. OMG our names were on a list. I could see them. It was enough to get me excited.

We are escorted to the back while we scope out the venue. It is upscale. High class. Lots of expensive clothes. People wearing things like blouses and pumps and even a few suits. Clearly we have to be in the wrong place. I mean I am rocking an RE: Your Brains shirt I picked up at PAX and bunny covered Vans (knockoffs, I'm a cheapo). And I felt a little over dressed for a JoCo and Paul And Storm show. I mean I put eyeshadow on for Pete's Sake.

They show us to the back and leave us. We are in a hallway full of people I don't know. Thinking one of them is going to be my boss and put me to work, I start introducing myself around. One of them, going by Keaton is pretty sure he recognizes me, haven't we met? Uh... We come to find out that they are the late show & Co. and they tell us we should continue on to the Green Room as they are unaffiliated and someone in there will know.

We exchange glances, take a deep breath, turn the corner and walk into the most glorious thing we have seen all week. I would like to say "we've ever seen", but that seems a little extreme and I have seen babies birthed, humpback whales singing and dew drop covered spider webs so I'm gonna keep it reigned in. Sitting around, drinking beer, some kind of martinis and eating seared tuna and steaks is Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm. Heart stopped.

Still stopped. C'mon, c'mon. I need you pumping for this!

Clearly it wouldn't cooperate so I left my completely stunned heart behind and said, "I can't believe the amount of awesome I just stepped into."

Yep, that was my first line. And I want to kick myself for being such a dope now. Oh well, we introduce ourselves and I hear, "Hi, I'm Jonathan."
"Hi, I'm Paul."
"Hi, I'm Storm."
Like these two giggling, fainting little school girls had no idea who they are and didn't stalk ourselves an invitation to work for them. Ha. Silly really.

We hopped in the elevator to be shown around and I mention what a great venue it is. Wherein Jonathan says "I recognize you now, I know you from Twitter."

Um, yeah. I go beet red and was hoping against all hope that he wouldn't have. But secretly so supremely excited that he did.

We are sent back to save ourselves some seats before the show gets started. And then get to work. Carrying boxes, sorting things, we try and organize up and make pretty everything we can. Get back to our seats at the bar. Because that's how we roll. Given the option, our butts will be in the bartenders face. Tanqueray & tonic and Yellow Fin Crudo and we were soon enjoying a fantastic show by Paul and Storm.

Paul and Storm are really funny and clever. I am a sucker for clever lyrics that make me laugh. I hadn't really gotten into them until recently. My introduction to them was opening for Jonathan Coulton at PAX and unfortunately they played right after Freeze Pop (I think it was Freeze Pop, Anamaniguchi was another night). Ok if it wasn't Freeze Pop it was some other very high energy artist and followed by the hilarious, yet mellow Paul and Storm took it down a notch. If you were at PAX, not having slept in 48 or more hours with traveling, over stimulation and already battling the PAX POX you probably fell to the floor and pulled out your DS, giggled at funny lines, but halfway napping. I feel like if you weren't a fan already, this wasn't the way to be introduced. I mean they had a good show, but the timing was poor and I don't think they had a choice.

Last night however, AWESOME! Perfect timing.

Jonathan Coulton's show was amazing as always. The only song I wanted to hear and didn't was Blue Sunny Day. But the Mr. Fancy Pants performance was incredible and a fair trade. I missed the Re: Your Brains performance because that was our cue to get to the back and get to work. It's ok though. I've seen it live several times, I have it memorized and I could hear it from our table.

After the show we sold things: CDs, stickers, t-shirts, flash drives which include source tracks. Every one who came by was in such a great mood, so happy to have been there, so excited to see the artists. There were some very dedicated fans who came. Bearing gifts and cards and stories. It was so bizarre to me. I could possibly fail at the dedication, but then, we were the ones working for them, so maybe, ultimately, I win the Who's the More Dedicated Fan? contest.

So many other little things brought me joy that night and we skipped out on to the damp, dark streets of San Diego with very light heads, hearts and a few pictures to take home with us. So here you go, my pets, feast and be jealous!

Me, Storm, Paul and Drew. I was not brave enough for the hug, but Drew apparently has 8 balls.

Our new best friend. I would work for him any day. Seriously Jonathan, Call me.

If you are in the LA area, they have two shows that they insist on performing instead of playing Settlers of Catan with Drew and myself and a big ole box of Chillable Red. You should go check it out and make sure it was worth missing Settlers for. Shows...

Tell'em Brandi sent you. They will have no idea what you are talking about, but maybe my ears will tingle. And you can feel good about that.

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