Late Night Crazy Bug

Uh yeah, so I have an event Friday night and it is one of the classiest things I have been to in a while.  Shy, casual little me was bitten by a bat crap crazy bug last night.  I decided I had to have a dress and I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like and I had gorgeous knit fabric in my stash.

Mind you I figured all this out after my roommate and I went to bed.  But I only have two nights (and we have sweet plans tonight).  So I got her out of bed, showed her my fabric, there was much gesturing and draping, pattern browsing and debating.  In about 30 minutes I had my pattern drawn up and started cutting.  Less than an hour and a half from conception, I had this...

It is two pieces, one front and one back.  I wanted it to be as simple as possible, minimal cutting, minimal seaming.  This is pinned to Susan's dress form Sookie.  Not seamed yet.  I'm concerned about the armholes  I don't think I shaped them properly, but I think that is fixable.  Also right now there is a lot more length on it than I want in the end.  It's gonna be a little on the short side.

In order to make Sookie look a little more like me I put one of my bras on her and stuffed it with socks.  I couldn't do anything about the butt but I think I have plenty of room.

Why did I take an already stressful event and add this on top of it? This dress is going to be phenomenal when it is done.  I'm going to rock it (in fact, I might need double sided tape to stay decent), but it really doesn't have to be done by Friday.  Maybe I just needed some more drama in my life.


Helen said...

Woo! That is some dress!

Susan said...

Show me the money shot of your finished dress. You know it's bangin'!