Merino Mail and Broken Singles.

It was a good price ok? Don't judge me. Found on Artfire, arrived yesterday and I took a picture. Look, you love it, it's awesome. 1 lb white merino roving. Mmmm Merino...

I am spinning black mill ends from The Sheep Shed Studio on my Heavenly Handspinning Fidelis.

Some of you are going to scoff at this point and say, "Maybe you shouldn't work with black. Maybe you have learned your lesson about dark fiber."

To which I reply "Kiss it." Yes it is more difficult to see, but that doesn't mean it is not a worthwhile project, won't produce beautiful finished items, or that the only solution is to never spin black again. For that matter I may as well never spin again, then I'll never have anymore spinning problems. BAH.
Too much tension went into my single and it broke. Not really uncommon, but when I went to re-join the end it was nowhere to be found. I'm serious. NOWHERE. But there had to be an end somewhere.

Ravelry forums came to my assistance with all kinds of techniques and I thought I would share those with you today (mind you all of the following are done gently).
  1. Tapping the spindle with the sticky side of some tape to try and pull up any loose wraps.
  2. Roughing the spindle up with your hands, like rubbing a cat the wrong way.
  3. Using a very soft toothbrush and brushing the opposite direction.
  4. Scraping the yarn lengthwise across the bobbin with a toothpick or straightened paper clip.
  5. Spinning quickly in the opposite direction.
The next and final solution was what I ended up having to go with, nothing could identify the end. I took the topmost, loosest wrap and snipped it with scissors (GASP!). The part that should be closest to the end I winded off with a ball winder.

Apparently the tension got so tight, it more or less cut into the wraps underneath and secured itself in place before snapping. Secured itself very very firmly. It actually broke again before I got all the way to the end. I lost only about 20" of yarn, but it worked out.

And in case I didn't already know this about myself, pay more attention to spinning.

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Susan said...

Catching up while waiting in line. Busted! Nice roving though. Lol