Sick = productive

So I have spent many hours this week in my bed. I'm sick with a lot of congestion and while I haven't really had much of a fever, I have been trying to move whatever fluid is in my lungs out before I have another incidence with pneumonia. I've just been trying to be very careful.

Anyway, one day home sick from work, every evening straight to bed when I did go to work and the entire weekend in bed. As a result I managed to finish my Aunt's Silver Scarf. Today I left my bed in the afternoon in order to block it. It was my first attempt at steam blocking an acrylic project.

I think it was highly successful. I used blocking wires and held a steam iron as close as I could to the scarf without actually touching it allowing the steam to fully penetrate. It was amazing. I could see the stitches warp and relax as the steam passed. I wasn't convinced it wasn't my cough medicine playing games with me so I called Susan over to come check it out. It was so obvious to her she laughed at me and asked how could I think that was in my head? Clearly she doesn't spend enough time in my head. Especially on medication.

In addition to the scarf, I have been working on a cross stitch project I inherited from my great grandmother Nonnie. Nonnie started it, my grandmother took it over when Nonnie couldn't continue, eventually Grandma had to give it up when it hurt her hands and her eyes. Enter my inheritance. I do crafty things and used to do a little cross stitch at Grandma's growing up so she asked if I would finish it to which I, of course, said yes.

I love the idea of a project that so many generations have worked on, I love the idea of finishing something Nonnie started. I love the thought of Grandma's face when I present it to her finished. I do not, however, love cross stitch. Thimbles are awkward and I keep stabbing my hands although not nearly as much as I expected too. It kinda feels like a color by numbers. But I know how great I will feel when it is finished and pieces of Nonnie, Grandma and I are wound forever together into something tangible.

I couldn't tell you why this picture is upside down. I also can't tell you why I can't fix it. But really it doesn't matter. Until it is finished, I pretty much look at it upside down too.


semi-crazy blonde girl said...

The scarf turned out beautifully! :)

Susan said...

LOL. "I said I was sorry!" Lol

Matt Stevens said...

Top work!