Spring Smells Heavenly

Big bushes of these tiny flowers surround my office and the delicious scent is being carried all over the place by the breeze lately. It is light and fresh and slightly spicy. I want to bottle it.

In knitting/spinning news, I don't really have my go to knitting project worked out just yet. I still have Sylvi in the works, but I have to look at a chart and that isn't always convenient. The Juno Regina shawl has some complications I need to work out making it less than simple to pick up. I have a Buttony for my youngest sister but all the knitting is done, blocked and everything. I have some sewing to do on the button band.

I am happy to report however that I managed to shorten the drive band on my Heavenly Handspinning Fidelis and after several days of trying I was able to finally start spinning on the middle whorl. It goes as fast as I can draft now, however because I want to add a lot more twist than I have been in the past, the spinning is going slower than past projects have. Or I am spinning so much finer that it is taking me much longer to fill a bobbin. I don't know. I'm also trying to make much larger singles for greater amounts of yarn and the project I'm working on requires three plies. I'll have a lot of yarn, but I won't have a skein done in an evening.

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