sleeves always slow me down

Sleeves always slow me down. I have nearly completely finished the body of the cotton sweater I mentioned in my last post and have begun the sleeves. My speed bump. I don't enjoy knitting in that small a round that tightly and I know that for consistency's sake it would be much easier on me if I knit both sleeves at the same time, however that is starting to get difficult to juggle.

After starting both sleeves in the round, hating it, ripping it out, starting a single sleeve in the round and still hating it, I have decided that I'm going to rip it out all over again. This time I plan to knit both sleeves at the same time, but flat. I really think it will go much faster this way. I know many knitters hate finishing and seaming, but I really don't mind.

Also, one of my knitting group regulars has started knitting raglan sweaters from the bottom up. This method is starting to intrigue me. Although I always prefer the method that has the least number of cast on stitches, I have a feeling that I really would enjoy this style. So, next project.


Wardrobe Re-Vamp

Our clothes dryer was busted for a week. My laundry piled up and I was left doing sorting and cleaning on a Friday night to catch up. So basically all the clothes I own, passed through my hands and I found myself very highly disappointed with my current wardrobe.

I have a very few "going out" tops which really are not me and a whole lot of tees. So, I demanded something be done. When I realized no one was listening to me and getting busy, I figured I would do it myself.

I opened up my fabric stash to see what I had available to me. Lo' and Behold! There was knit remnant that was 19" in a pretty teal-y blue color. It was exactly as wide as I would want a knit top to be so I got to contemplating the least amount of work that could be done on it to transform it. Two seams and one cut later I had me a date top. Cute and modest with a cami underneath and smokin' hot with out it. I wore it twice this weekend already, once modest style to the Lakeside Rodeo on Saturday night and again Sunday. I only have a crappy cell phone mirror photo for you. Sorry, I was too busy having fun this weekend to stop for pictures.

Also, I wanted cotton sweaters. Aaaannnd, I happen to have a bunch of cotton sitting around from a cotton sweater I bought at a thrift store and ripped out. Oh how I LOVE ripping out old sweaters and making them new!

It is knit doubled up and on huge size 11 needles for a loose gauge. Hopefully this will be a great beachy sweater. It's going very quickly, I only cast on over a very busy weekend but between taking it to work (I've spent a lot of time waiting on computers this week.), last nights knitting group and an inability to shut off Murder She Wrote last night (It's on Netflix Watch Instantly and I got to tell you, that Jessica Fletcher is my idol.) I'm probably about half done.

One of the joys of knitting with recycled yarn is that you don't have to worry too much about yardage (I try on the original sweaters first and make sure they are too big so I have room to get fancy) and that the color is consistent. Right? Wrong!

I noticed this morning that the ball I joined is ever so slightly different in shade than the rest of the sweater. Thankfully, I'm a roll with the punches kind of girl and I think this color will probably take dye well. So I'll just have to play with my dye kit when it's finished. So sad.
(notice down at the bottom)

Also, once upon a time, I bought this at a yard sale, and I reinvented it. I wear it quite a bit around the house and I take it to sea a lot. I had probably a ball and a half laying around somewhere that I probably threw away. However, it is getting a little baggy and I'm starting to think I might want to steak the front and turn it into a cardigan. I also realized I don't think I ever got the finished object up and the organization in my older posts is next to none. I might have to fix that too.


Changing Directions

So, spinning and knitting are going to be put on a back burner for a few. I have a few projects on my brain that will require my attention for a little while. For starters, I have flats full of herbs ready to be planted on my patio tonight. I picked them up at the OB Farmer's Market last night and my car just smelled ridiculously great. Company is coming into town that I am super excited about and I want our patio to look and smell it's best.

Besides that, I have been staring my paints down every day in the living room. My art cart (yes it rhymes and I love it) sits next to the TV in the living room (I mentioned we live in a sweatshop more than once I believe) and we have been eyeing each other everyday when I sit down with needles or wool. Sunday night I fell asleep with a pencil and notebook in hand, turns out this may have been an indication of things to come. So yes, I believe it is time to get back to my paints.

I am preparing to leave town, for about two months, and have decided that while I plan to bring 1 single, solitary knitting project (as yet undecided), art supplies will comprise the bulk of my travel materials.

I have grand garment designs floating around my head as well. Garments of the fabric variety instead of yarn.

This weekend I'm crashing a party in Las Vegas. Road trip!


I love making a list.

It's been a while, I have highlights for you...

1. fossil hunting out of Mountain Home, ID resulted in many a snail shell.
2. UFC fight on Saturday night resulted in a beer soaked skirt on my bedroom floor.
3. Trip to Carlsbad Saturday also resulted in meeting an assortment of cousins and a sunburn.
4. Silver Strand Beach yesterday resulted in 1 live sand dollar, 1 rescued sea lion and a devastating loss in a game of Settlers of Catan.
5. 2 hours on the phone with my Mom resulted in a better understanding of one another, if that was possible (best Mommy ever).
6. 2 trips for work planned in the next two months for Virginia and Costa Rica
7. 1 knit hat was a failure. I need to rip out and tighten up the ribbing.
8. Could not get my fill of preggo belly on a recent trip to Idaho. I can NOT wait for my new nephew.
9. Boise Zoo
10. everything else... Easter candy, How to Train a Dragon, busted dryer, high heels, squats and sore thighs, frozen yoghurt, USS Carl Vinson and earthquakes.

Caught up?