Changing Directions

So, spinning and knitting are going to be put on a back burner for a few. I have a few projects on my brain that will require my attention for a little while. For starters, I have flats full of herbs ready to be planted on my patio tonight. I picked them up at the OB Farmer's Market last night and my car just smelled ridiculously great. Company is coming into town that I am super excited about and I want our patio to look and smell it's best.

Besides that, I have been staring my paints down every day in the living room. My art cart (yes it rhymes and I love it) sits next to the TV in the living room (I mentioned we live in a sweatshop more than once I believe) and we have been eyeing each other everyday when I sit down with needles or wool. Sunday night I fell asleep with a pencil and notebook in hand, turns out this may have been an indication of things to come. So yes, I believe it is time to get back to my paints.

I am preparing to leave town, for about two months, and have decided that while I plan to bring 1 single, solitary knitting project (as yet undecided), art supplies will comprise the bulk of my travel materials.

I have grand garment designs floating around my head as well. Garments of the fabric variety instead of yarn.

This weekend I'm crashing a party in Las Vegas. Road trip!

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Susan said...

I almost forgot what it was like to have you sketching until you actually did yesterday.

Me likes it...and Scofield, too!