I love making a list.

It's been a while, I have highlights for you...

1. fossil hunting out of Mountain Home, ID resulted in many a snail shell.
2. UFC fight on Saturday night resulted in a beer soaked skirt on my bedroom floor.
3. Trip to Carlsbad Saturday also resulted in meeting an assortment of cousins and a sunburn.
4. Silver Strand Beach yesterday resulted in 1 live sand dollar, 1 rescued sea lion and a devastating loss in a game of Settlers of Catan.
5. 2 hours on the phone with my Mom resulted in a better understanding of one another, if that was possible (best Mommy ever).
6. 2 trips for work planned in the next two months for Virginia and Costa Rica
7. 1 knit hat was a failure. I need to rip out and tighten up the ribbing.
8. Could not get my fill of preggo belly on a recent trip to Idaho. I can NOT wait for my new nephew.
9. Boise Zoo
10. everything else... Easter candy, How to Train a Dragon, busted dryer, high heels, squats and sore thighs, frozen yoghurt, USS Carl Vinson and earthquakes.

Caught up?

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Susan said...

Yup! Caught up. lol