Wardrobe Re-Vamp

Our clothes dryer was busted for a week. My laundry piled up and I was left doing sorting and cleaning on a Friday night to catch up. So basically all the clothes I own, passed through my hands and I found myself very highly disappointed with my current wardrobe.

I have a very few "going out" tops which really are not me and a whole lot of tees. So, I demanded something be done. When I realized no one was listening to me and getting busy, I figured I would do it myself.

I opened up my fabric stash to see what I had available to me. Lo' and Behold! There was knit remnant that was 19" in a pretty teal-y blue color. It was exactly as wide as I would want a knit top to be so I got to contemplating the least amount of work that could be done on it to transform it. Two seams and one cut later I had me a date top. Cute and modest with a cami underneath and smokin' hot with out it. I wore it twice this weekend already, once modest style to the Lakeside Rodeo on Saturday night and again Sunday. I only have a crappy cell phone mirror photo for you. Sorry, I was too busy having fun this weekend to stop for pictures.

Also, I wanted cotton sweaters. Aaaannnd, I happen to have a bunch of cotton sitting around from a cotton sweater I bought at a thrift store and ripped out. Oh how I LOVE ripping out old sweaters and making them new!

It is knit doubled up and on huge size 11 needles for a loose gauge. Hopefully this will be a great beachy sweater. It's going very quickly, I only cast on over a very busy weekend but between taking it to work (I've spent a lot of time waiting on computers this week.), last nights knitting group and an inability to shut off Murder She Wrote last night (It's on Netflix Watch Instantly and I got to tell you, that Jessica Fletcher is my idol.) I'm probably about half done.

One of the joys of knitting with recycled yarn is that you don't have to worry too much about yardage (I try on the original sweaters first and make sure they are too big so I have room to get fancy) and that the color is consistent. Right? Wrong!

I noticed this morning that the ball I joined is ever so slightly different in shade than the rest of the sweater. Thankfully, I'm a roll with the punches kind of girl and I think this color will probably take dye well. So I'll just have to play with my dye kit when it's finished. So sad.
(notice down at the bottom)

Also, once upon a time, I bought this at a yard sale, and I reinvented it. I wear it quite a bit around the house and I take it to sea a lot. I had probably a ball and a half laying around somewhere that I probably threw away. However, it is getting a little baggy and I'm starting to think I might want to steak the front and turn it into a cardigan. I also realized I don't think I ever got the finished object up and the organization in my older posts is next to none. I might have to fix that too.


modest said...

I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.


Susan said...

I really like what you've done with your sweater so far and your dye idea will look great!

Sexy sexy top btw - it brings out the eyes and that can be distracting. I should know - I couldn't remember what you were talking about when you were wearing it on Saturday. lol