FO, Twice Re-Vamped Sweater

So once upon a time I bought this sweater at a garage sale. It was perfect actually. My car was totalled the day before and I was depressed. So my former room-mate took me garage hoppin', my family's term for shopping yard sales.

Anyway, this sweater was hideous. So I decided it was perfect for reinvention and recycling the yarn. I blogged about it a few times (here and here) in the process of knitting it into a pullover. Somehow I managed to completely forget to ever post it as a finished object. Not even on Ravelry (slacker).

It doesn't fit well. The sleeves are a little baggy, I added way too much room in the bust. The neck is a little snug for my head. With all of these issues it is still one of my most worn sweaters. Largely due to the poor fit and recycled yarn I didn't mind wearing it to sea and for work. It's machine washable so I will wear it gardening.

However, it was a pullover. And it's not often I wear a sweater all day and I don't like pulling it over my head over and over again. So I started wishing it was a cardigan, then I decided I wished it was a cardigan I could take to Costa Rica (as my heavy sea sweater). The other night, I found the leftover ball of yarn and before you know it, continuing along with the wardrobe re-vamp, I got me a new cardigan, however you see fit.
There are not many places someone can run in San Diego first thing on a Saturday morning looking for buttons. And you know I had to have buttons at 1 AM. So I found myself at Beverly's this morning. I took the only buttons I could find big enough, however, these things will have to be replaced. Possibly with travel buttons from either Virginia this week, or Costa Rica.


Murf said...

way cool bran.. your dad!

Sign A Rama said...

I love that the hideous sweater turned into a gorgeous new treasure. You have vision Brandi! I just saw the original pictures. Gross!

Susan said...

I already said this yesterday, but will restate it here:

"I love how it looks as a cardi and the buttons you ended up choosing".