Progress at sea

Today, I start a baby sweater for my nephew. I purchased four skeins of Sirdar Snuggly Double Knitting in the color Stone while I was in Alexandria a few weeks back and a pair of size 7 Addi Turbos for the job.

I have been working at sea again. This time on a mapping project near the Galapagos. For an area of such scientific interest, you would think it would be well documented by now, but not so much. It is a nature preserve, there's no fishing, lots of shallow places and full of tiny islands that are not well charted.

My job has been to massage the bathymetric data as we collect it and we have been collecting it fast. Every day has been a marathon computer stint. I have spent very little time enjoying the calms seas, sunsets, full moon or the breeze. Instead, I have been sitting here, working on carpal tunnel in an over air conditioned lab space.

The good news is, it has provided me with a lot of time to knit. While the computer loads new data, auto saves every 30 minutes and numerous other little minute or so pauses I have to make. I have completed the 5 skein baby blanket I was working on for my nephew. I even managed to find a steam iron on board to block the mostly acrylic yarn and have taken to sleeping with it myself.

Maybe my nephew will know me one day by my smell. The smell of his blankie.

I have also been spinning. If you recall on the trip to Alexandria I also bought a blend of 50% Merino, 30% Bamboo and 20% Tussah silk dyed in the colorway Persimmon by Miss Babs Hand-dyed Yarns and Fibers. I have nearly completed spinning the whole thing.

However, there has been some interest in the spinning. At least one person has asked me to teach him (yes, HIM!) how to do it. I have set aside a small portion of the wool and figured I would have him learn on some string because if there is one thing we have plenty of on board the ship, it is line. I told him if he is serious, to build a spindle and we will get started learning on string (we can over twist it, then ply it) and then I will save a little of my wool for him and we can move on to that.

I would love to have brought more, and planned on it actually, however, I just completely ran out of packing room. So I guess I will be sharing the good stuff. But how could I say no to someone so genuinely interested he was willing to build his own spindle? Impossible.

I will try to get some pictures. In the meantime, while I wait for my computer to load, I am going to pull out my shiny brand new pair of Addi Turbo's straight from the package, cast on about 10 times trying to figure out the best way to get started on a sweater to which I really haven't thought out a pattern.

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Susan said...

It was only a matter of time before the masses decided to follow suit and join in on the spinning fun. lol