So my Merino/Bamboo/Tussah yarn is complete. It dried just in time for me to take a picture while the R/V Melville was stopped near Wolf island, a member of the Galapagos. You can see a little of the island if you look carefully near the hand rail. I named her for the cruise FLAMINGO, which is a little silly because really? There are no flamingos in the Galapagos. But isn't she pretty?

I was planning on a two ply yarn. But when I got around to plying it, I was unhappy with how loosely it was plied. So I decided to over twist it, then try to ply again, either Navajo or another two ply and end up with a cabled yarn. I wasn't thrilled. It would be bulkier and shorter than I originally wanted.

However, when I finished the first round of plying, it looked as if I hadn't added enough twist for another ply. I am really bad at this. It wasn't consistent either. However, I realized it wasn't that twisty. So I ended up winding it into a VERY large hank hoping to allow some of the twist to redistribute.

The hank would twist back on itself, but just 1.5 times. I let it soak in my sink for about an hour so it got good an wet, then after some hefty wringing, I took her out on the deck to Thwack her against the bulkhead and give it some really good snaps. I let it dry without weight which I figured would allow the twist to continue to redistribute as the yarn relaxes.

It is not perfect it still has some twist in it, but I plan to wind it into at least one other hank, to allow the twist to continue to redistribute. I was going to gift it to someone else who is a new~ish knitter and I decided it would be too frustrating for a beginner to work with twisty yarn, so I'm going to keep it for myself.

I have a pdf I found on Ravelry for a scarf called Scarf With No Name by Samantha Edgerly that I think I might use for it.

Because I am on a rocking ship, I cannot weigh it, but I know I have less than the four ounces I bought as I set a handful aside to teach another person. I haven't measured it, but I will get a rough estimate soon.


Anonymous said...

You are totally "awesome" hon...
Never ceased to be amazed at your
talents. Luv U, and MISS YOU.

vagabond bettie said...

Brandi, it's beautiful!

The color suits you too.