Port Stop

We are stopped again in Puentarenas, Costa Rica. I will be getting off the boat, but I won't leave until after the ship leaves. It is the tech way. The next day I'll be finding my way (hopefully!) to San Vito to visit the dairy ranch of a family member. I am so darn excited.

Unfortunately my sister will be delivering my nephew while I am there and not with her, but on the plus side, I think I'll be able to skype with my family back home and re-unite someone from Costa Rica. w00t!

Also, one of my excellent Rav buddies rescued me from fiber crisis. She sent some of her buyer's remorse fiber to my work where a co-worker meeting the ship in port picked it up and carried it to the ship for me. This way I have fiber for my vacay! Thank goodness! I was losing my mind.

I can understand her remorse (on two of them maybe, the other three GORGEOUS) but am so thankful for the ability to spin I plan to overdye when I get home. I am using 4 oz of a pastel blend to learn to "Ply on the Fly". It is a technique I learned about online for the drop spindle where you spin a length of single, then chain it like a Navajo ply and spin in the opposite direction to ply as you go. In the end you are pulling a finished chain plied yarn off the spindle. I had some issues, but I worked them out. I couldn't figure out how to preserve my loop at the end, but I totally got it now.

I really hope my bus to San Vito is empty to I can spin all the way down.

Also, I started a pair of baby pants to go with the baby sweater (I overestimated my yardage needs by double and had plenty of yarn for a matching set). Rather than designing on the needles like I did with the sweater, I decided to knit the Kanoko pants by Yamiko Sakurai, available as a free pdf download on Ravelry.com as well as posted on her blog. Kanoko apparently means seed stitch, the pants are adorable and I think will go super well with my seed stitch bordered hooded cardi.

Alright, I'm back to work. Pics forthcoming, I hope.

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JJ said...

Those 2 were the buyer's remorse. I was thinking about plying them together. The rest were samples to play with.

Glad you're enjoying them! Happy spinning.