July in San Diego

Someday I will tell you about milking cows in Costa Rica, but right now, I have to get this all out before I forget.

1. I'm moving. Slowly. But surely. Moving whatever I can fit in a Honda Civic several times a week.

2. I'm knitting a charcoal gray, bulky "jumper" for a friend of mine. Not working on it often (see #1) but last time I did, my wrist started to ache and I panicked. Wrist pain is death for knitters.

3. I dropped out of the Tour de Fleece because I was too busy to sit down and even spindle before bed.

4. My dad had a surprise birthday party last weekend I went home for. It was amazing. And I finally got to meet my handsome little nephew.

5. I worked Comic Con. And w00tstock. Here is a short list of people I squealed over...
Marian Call
Nathan Fillion
Robin Thorsen (I'm sorry I screamed at you in the hallway, I was in a hurry.)
MC Frontalot
Mike Krahulik
Jerry Holkins
Robert Khoo
Adam Savage and the crew of Mythbusters
Aaron Douglas
Paul and Storm
Wil Wheaton
Lucy Lawless

6. I was informed that I have the most polite "No" at the con by folks trying to get into the Castle panel.

7. A little politeness at a convention of thousands goes a very long way. Don't forget to be respectful, and mind your Ps and Qs.

8. Happy birthday to all my July friends! There are so many of you!

9. And yes, I did go to a dairy ranch in Costa Rica, I promise. I'll get to it. Pictures and all.

I think you all should check out Marian Call's music. She's Alaskan, adorable, geeky and all around wonderful. Let's find her a venue in Boise for her 50 states in 2010 tour.