Some of you in the Twitterverse may have become aware of a discussion regarding THQ's decision to sell games with a one time use code for some features. That way when a used copy of the game is sold, second hand users have to buy a code from THQ to unlock all the features of the game.

This decision results from the fact that THQ sees no proceeds from second hand sales and Gamestop is a large target for this argument.

Let's think about this for a minute, this is not a subject that is new and it applies to music, movies, artists and more.

1 - If I purchase a game used and I love it. That franchise has just made a fan. A fan that in the future will likely pay for a new copy of sequels in the future. While indirectly supporting the developer, it is good for them in the long run should their product be awesome.

2 - I am busted ass broke. I LOVE video games and I don't think anyone who knows me would argue. However I am still without a Wii, which I desperately want. Why is that? It's because I know I cannot afford the $60 price tag on most games these days. So not only do I have to pay exorbitantly for the console, but then I can't afford the games to play on it. I KNOW I am not the only person who has this problem. If developers cut the cost of a game by half, I believe their market would explode exponentially. Meaning there would be way more new sales and more money directly to the developer, rather than people waiting for used copies to become available. Gamers and developers alike are then happy.

Some arguments that have come up, THQ's plan is like selling a used car without the tires. Well that's not true. When you buy a car, you are purchasing a physical object. This doesn't mean you can drive it. When you buy a game you aren't necessarily paying for something you can hold. Thanks to things like Steam (which I LOVE) and digital downloads, you aren't paying for a physical object you are paying to experience that object.

The cost of developing games with bigger and better graphics, options, etc is rising. This is true. But once the game is made it is made. Sell it for cheaper, to a much bigger audience and you will see all the proceeds. Isn't a large part of the demand for used games thanks to the massive new price tag?

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I have moved into my new place and every day it feels a little more like home as I continue to unpack or store boxes out of sight. For instance my bathroom floor is now clear, but my toiletries aren't really yet where they need to be, just out of sight.

A friend from Boise came down to help me move and we even worked in some time for fun. Went out to breakfast with one of my local knitting friends, pulled out my entire stash and let her go shopping (yay for knitting friends!), visited the wild animal park and checked out the local National Comedy Theater. We had a great time! When we were exhausted from moving we also sat around on the couch/bed and watched Netflix with our knitting. It feels so good to be understood.
Last night former Roomie Susan and I paid a visit to our knitting buddy and Susan got a pet fix. She recently had to find a new home for her kitty when an allergist was unable to help get her allergies under control. With the new baby on the way (did you see that on her blog?!? She's havin' a baby!) it seemed the most responsible thing to do. Apparently you need oxygen to help cook a baby. From the looks of it though, she may have made some new friends to help her get through it.

Meanwhile I have begun work on a gray, bulky, 100% wool, reclaimed yarn, sweater. It is almost entirely stockinette with a diamond detail up the front just to the right (on the wearer, left for the viewer) of center. I guess you could call it a cable, there is exactly one cable stitch in every repeat. It is outlined by a single purl stitch, but it is largely created by increasing/decreasing on either side of the purl stitch. Pretty simple actually but I think it makes for a very subtle, yet interesting and masculine detail.
I had knit about 8 inches of the body (bottom up, in the round) when I discovered I had knit it about 6 inches too big around. Now don't everyone start jumping on me right away about swatching, believe it or not I did swatch. But swatched as little as I could and still get away with it. I maybe only swatched wide enough to test out my little diamond detail. It only had a few purls in it, how different could the stockinette be I figured? Well it turns out my gauge in the diamond pattern is about 70% of the rest of the sweater. So, whoops.

After remeasuring my gauge on the body I ripped the whole thing out (heart breaking!) and cast on again. I had intended to add 2 inches in ease. Largely because I envision this sweater over maybe two layers (hooo boy he's gonna be warm). It's too rough to wear next to skin and as the intended recipient is a proper English bloke (I suppose that means I'm knitting a jumper) I'm imagining a button up and undershirt underneath. Right now as I measure the bottom of the sweater, the circumference is exactly his chest measurement. I'm hoping if I add just a hair more length than the measurements require I can block this to exactly the right size. Here's hoping. I will be devastated if it doesn't fit.

The more I think about the warmth this guy is gonna provide, the more I think maybe I should have knit a cardigan. There could be steeking in my future. We'll see. The most stressful part of this project is the timeline. The recipient will be arriving in S. California at the end of this month. It has been a few years since I've seen him and it will likely be a few years before I do again. I would really like to see this on him when he comes to visit.

Now I mentioned I pulled out my entire stash. While it was out and I was pulling out skein/hanks for my Boise knitters I didn't re-consolidate or organize the yarn I was keeping. So I I want to pull it all out again, this time get a pretty picture of the actual yarn instead of just the mountain of boxes I keep it in (not all of which can you see in this picture either).

Also, tomorrow I leave for 5 days with my new nephew. I am so excited. He is so beautiful and tiny and just the most amazing thing in the world. Now, this jumper is on a deadline and I really need to finish it and I have hours in the Reno airport just sitting around tomorrow. But I really want to bring some spinning! Please? No. No spinning for me. If I bring another project I won't finish this one. As a reward when I get this jumper finished however I'm gonna be a spinning foo'!
Maybe I could just bring a little? You know, like a carrot on a stick?