I, it turns out, am not a process spinner, just as I am not a process knitter. I mean, I enjoy spinning, but I have started having projects in mind and when that happens I just cannot spin fast enough. For one, I have started a Knit a Long for the Off to the Races scarf with my Sheep Shed Studio Ravelry group (hope you love a link). Well of course I want to spin up some of my SSS Mill Ends for this and I have some white sitting on a bobbin. I'll do up some more, make a 2 ply (a rarity in my house hold) and dye it after the fact.

However, I know what I want and I want to get started on the knitting, on the dying, on the plying. Anything that is LATER in the process.

I have some other new toys that want my attention too! As a belated birthday gift a friend of mine recently sent me a Cotton Clouds spinning kit that includes a Takli spindle (time to check out the hype) and several different types of cotton. Well I had to get started on that basically the second I pulled it into my house.
I have three (now four) spindles with something started on them, I have on project midway on the wheel. And I thought my knitting ADD was bad.

I went off to the Penny Arcade Expo last weekend and it was beyond awesome. I worked for Paul and Storm, some comedy musicians that you absolutely must check out, two sisters joined me, I partied it up with two of my best friends, my favorite Canadian and saw many an amazing thing. Maybe when all the memories are done extracting, I'll put it all on paper. For now, they are all compressed into a zip file tucked deep into my brain to allow for post PAX recovery. Few things to note, I did not get swine flu this year, I signed autographs, I sat next to Damien Hess (AKA MC Frontalot) all weekend, watched Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb prepare for filming and had a legitimate conversation with Jerry Holkins.

I also saw someone spinning bright blue corriedale on a turkish drop spindle to the wonderment of Molly Lewis. Oh what a magical weekend PAX is.