So my cousin commented on the photo of my orange dyed roving I posted on Facebook. And the second I saw her name, inspiration struck me. I'm sure the second she sees the dark blue I dyed last night, she will know exactly what she inspired.I didn't have any dying planned last night (Jayne Hat, Yarn C is not ready to dye yet) so while I plied up Yarn C I figured it couldn't hurt to have the dye pot going on the stove.
The light blue was the second round through the dye pot and the green was the final, I added just a little yellow to the last round for no reason at all.

I'm packing for my next large trip and I loaded some gear on the ship today so it will be waiting for me when I meet it in Costa Rica. Things I don't want to carry. Besides work clothes, warm gear, toiletries, I added two spindles, one is my supported bowl project and another is an empty one ready for spinning the orange roving, all the orange I dyed and the yellow which was finished, and a large supply of dpns.

Now I leave town tonight to visit my aunt. I'll be bringing knitting and a little light blue and green to play around with on my spindle as I just finished plying Jayne Hat, Yarn C.

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semi-crazy blonde girl said...

That blue is GORGEOUS. I love how rich the color is.