It's about Jayne time

I have a new project in the works. Well two actually but today you only get to hear about this one.

I was asked for a Jayne hat. I didn't ever wanna make a Jayne hat. But a few things have come together just right. I had started spinning some white Sheep Shed mill ends on my Heavenly Handspinning Fidelis without a project in mind. Just something to spin.

I received a Knit Picks dye kit for Christmas and it includes yellow. Which I really don't like as a color. So here is my chance to get rid of it.

Complications? The yarn is coming out DK weight. The original Jayne hat is bulky. Do I want to just knit it at a smaller gauge? or knit two strands held together? or ply it again and make a cabled 3x3.

Also, how much yarn do I dye for each section of the hat (A Google Image search for "Jayne hat" can help you if you don't know what hat I'm referring too)? I really don't want to end up with left over yellow.


Trifarina said...

I too have vowed not to knit a Jayne hat... I guess you just have to swatch the undyed yarn and calculate the yardage for each section. Sounds complicated.

JJ said...

If you have any extra, I could make Rich one. I refuse to buy yellow yarn. Oh, and orange yarn, but I have some to make pumpkin hats for a friend.