Jayne Hat, Yarn B: Dyed though Unspun.

The dyeing project went well last night. It was my first attempt dyeing roving and I was scared. Nightmares of matted, felted sheets of wool were pervading my dreams. In the photo above the wool on the upper left is from the first round in the dye pot and hopefully the color I want. The colander on the stove is full have handfuls that I tossed into the dye pot to soak up some of the leftover dye and the top right is the last handful, so third round through the dye pot.

It was matted and so while I was drying I pulled it apart a little to make sure it wasn't felted anywhere and it appears to be so far so good. The long strands of roving ended up working better than the handfuls because I could hang them to dry, which I couldn't do with that second round of fiber.

I think I managed to get the right color orange which is more or less a miracle. I literally just shook some red in, then yellow, then yellow, then yellow and crossed my fingers. I'm very excited to get spinning on this, but I have a half bobbin of undyed whites (soon to be red) that I want to finish up first.

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