Jayne Hat, Yarn B

I currently have a very long strand of roving from my Mill Ends in my dye pot, going for Orange. I decided to dye this one up first because I can take it with me on a spindle if I have to.

I haven't even come close to removing it from the dye pot and I already see a massive mistake. I should have torn it into smaller handfuls. That way I can scoop it out with my giant colander spoon and allow it to cool in the sink before washing it. I don't wanna pour it out of my giant dye pot for two reasons, burning my fragile flesh and agitating hot, wet wool can result in felting.

Meanwhile, I continue to spin undyed roving on my wheel and I will dye that as soon as it is finished. I have Tonight, Wednesday, Thursday and next Friday to try to get it all dyed. Like I said, spinning can continue on a spindle away from home.

This will be an eventful evening.

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