Knits in the Wild

My mom recently took some pictures of two of my sisters and nephew at a Pumpkin Patch in Everett, WA.

One of my sisters is wearing a hat I completely forgot I had made. I was looking through the pictures thinking, "Wow, I love that red hat! where did she get it?"

It is in a bulky alpaca, knit in one day during my Christmas visit home last year. My youngest sister (not pictured) asked me specifically for a hat and I went to a Coeur d'Alene yarn shop and found a bulky alpaca in gray. It is knit in the round, with no shaping and the yarn is drawn through the top stitches. It came out so great another sister and I went to the same yarn shop and picked the same yarn up in red. Before you know it, there were twins.

The drape in the hat is mostly due to the super soft alpaca I used, it was just like a cloud. The warmth of the alpaca totally makes up for any coolness the big open lace would have produced.

It makes me feel so good to see my knitted gifts being used.

Now to find out what they were looking at...

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Murf said...

Think they where lookin at Neil and pushing a wheelbarrow in the punkin patch. I enjoyed your blog on the backpack. Murf