Ontario in the Fall

I just returned from a couple of places in Ontario, Canada where the weather is brisk in the morning and you are peeling off layers in the afternoon.
Leaves are turning and piles of pumpkins are everywhere. I couldn't have been happier.
I stopped at a yarn store called Janie H Knits outside Perth and I was so happy I stopped. I wandered through the store with the two lovely ladies who worked there while my co-worker sat in the car. Two of us pulled out skein after skein after skein while she showed off locally produced yarns and we discussed patterns and where to eat in Ottawa. I think she was 10 seconds from blowing off the shop to join me in Ottawa for lunch.

I walked away with three balls of locally grown and spun alpaca, which is labelless, on tiny little ball of quiviuk, merino, silk blend because it's a souvenir and the cost is irrelevant (right?) and a locally carved button. I also picked up this journal, not for me, because organized journals have never worked for me (I'm a quadruled composition book or engineering pad kind of girl myself) but rather for my friend Krissy who contacted me after my last post to ask about my charting method.

This little journal has pockets, calendars, knitting abbreviations and most importantly of all, pages and pages of graphed paper. I am a little surprised however that the charts are square and not a little wider with stockinette stitches being squat and all, but I gave Krissy a heads up to pay attention to square charts.

My afternoon in Ottawa included a few hours in the Canada National Gallery. It was not nearly enough time. I walked away with a list of artists I am interested in learning more about, Frances Loring, Lawren S Harris and a few more that I had never seen before but really managed to float my boat.
I stopped and knit for a few minutes on a bench over looking the locks. It was so beautiful. I wish I had time at home to just sit with my fiber and dye pot and reflect on all the beautiful fall colors.

But alas. Today I am working and packing, tomorrow I leave for Costa Rica and another exciting adventure on the high seas. I'll keep you posted.

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Susan said...

Love the pics from your trip. Can't believe your cruise is here again! Bon journey!