Ottawa Locks

With three recently finished projects, I asked my bunkmate Patti if she wouldn't mind helping me with a little photo shoot. She was so gracious to say yes, and put up with my ceaseless direction, "This is about the knitting, not me, but I don't want to look like an idiot either." and "Here, step on this unsteady milk crate on a rolling ship to get better light."


Today we will highlight the ribbed/garter/cable project that I carried with me through Ontario, Canada a few weeks ago. I have decided to call it Ottawa Locks...

I joined it with a half twist. It was too short for a functional scarf after two pattern repeats and I was sure it would be much too huge after three pattern repeats. It is really wide at approximately 8". I thought the half twist would make it better to twist up on my neck, but that was wrong.

It doesn't seem to matter though, I do love it. I hope it blows and snows in Idaho for Thanksgiving so it can keep me warm and toasty without overheating, because you know, I'm gonna wear it no matter what.

So it is a background of garter stitch and the criss-crossing trellis-like pattern was accomplished in ribs so it is fully reversible. I think ribs are my new best friend.

Just as a little refresher, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, I'm not sure what the color was because it de-stashed from someone else. A personal pattern, I knit it on size 8mms, (it doesn't have a US size on these needles, they were also a de-stash from someone else).

Photo-bombed by our Chief Mate Joe Ferris. You may remember Joe was the recipient of a kickass green garter stitch hat that he later lost in the mountains of Patagonia. I would be mad, but he wore it and that's the highest compliment a knitter can get.


Trifarina said...

Love it! I may have to make one too. I wish it got colder in Houston. :(

Anonymous said...

Love your hair! It has gotten so long...cool pix and project..Hugs