Brioche Cabled Cowl

I grabbed a few balls of Paton's Classic Wool Merino to bring with me. One in New Denim, specifically for repairing the Cabled Newsboy Cap I recently patched and the other because when I had an entire skein of the blue leftover, what was I gonna do with it all by itself? So I purchased another in Mulberry or something like that (someone threw my label away, grumble).
I have been itching to learn brioche because, well, look at it. It looks so complicated, there is so much depth. I had heard how smooshy the fabric was. And because it was a little scary. I had to master and intimidate other knitters with my prowess, mwhahahahahah.

Sorry, I'm back. Well in the browsing the web for brioche instructions (this website was super helpful) I came across a cabled brioche scarf pattern and I figured if I could make my brioche a little more intimidating, I was gonna. And in reality, I figured adding cables would really help me get to know the brioche stitch in depth and it's resulting fabric properties.
I decided I wanted it to be a cowl (because that is apparently the word of the season) and I had to figure out how to stitch it together nearly seamlessly. I laid it onto the table and stared. And stared. And stared. I maybe drew a few stitches in my notebook. The final result is this...
I'm sure an experienced (or even not so experienced) knitter can spot the seam. It wasn't a provisional cast on or anything so I expect it to be visible. But if you ask me, that is a pretty damn fine seam in my first cabled brioche project.

The cables were really not much more complicated than any other ribbed cable once you got the hang of the brioche stitch. Ribbed cables are beautiful, completely reversible and let's not forget beautiful. I believe I did mention that they were possibly my new best friends right?

The final result is a super squishy, super warm, super soft and super thick little neck warmer and I foresee a few more of these little cuties in my future. Possibly with a proper provisional cast on for a better seam. Maybe some crazier cables.

This one will be gifted at Christmas time (and she knows who she is), but I was so proud of myself I couldn't keep it a secret. Thanks again to Patti for my FO pics!

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BeadKnitter said...

Beautiful cowl! I have not tried Brioche yet. Haven't tried Entrelac either. One of these days..... ;-)