Brioche Cabled Hat

Mastering two colored cabled brioche, knit flat, made me really proud of myself. But I had to bump it up a notch.

The person it is going to be gifted to, has requested a brimmed knit hat. So of course, I figured I should make a matching set. Deciding to knit it in the round, I tried to measure my gauge flat, but the initial cast on in the round came out like a tent from the bottom up.

Trying to work out the numbers again, I had a hard time working out a duplicate cabled pattern in the number of stitches I needed for a noggin. My next attempt came out with a stretchy enough brim, but the cables made it much too small for any adult human head.

This brings me to my current attempt. I cast on the same amount of stitches, but hopefully will have altered the cable pattern enough to fit.
I wanted to take this picture for you however to brag a litle I guess. Right there between my thumb and index finger is the beginning of the round. While, yes, it is offset ever so slightly, I think that is as seamless a join you could get. I am so proud that it isn't a glaringly obvious mess.


trifarina said...

Very impressive indeed. I have pretty much decided I didn't like the look of brioche enough to put myself through that hell.

Kendra said...

I was considering this exact conversion from scarf to hat to make a set, but seeing your difficulties, I am cured of this desire! (I forgot what size needles I did the scarf on, so trying to guess on the gauge/stitch number was already annoying, and now realizing that I would have to account for the cable size also, no way.) Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!