A Fair Trade

Another finished object at sea. Years ago I saw one of our crewmen, Joe, wearing a sweet ring. It was a stainless steel nut which had screws tapped into the side, then it was drilled out smooth in the center. When I asked him about it, he told me he made it himself. You know how I appreciate a handcraft, I loved it. Immediately. We struck a deal, he wanted a hat, I wanted a ring, we thought it sounded like a fair trade.

Anyway, time passed and we both forgot and didn't sail together much after then. Fast forward to last week.

Joe looks at me "Hey, didn't you promise me a hat?"
"Hey, didn't you promise me a ring?"

So we both got to work.
It is a little heavier than your standard decorative ring, but I love the weight of it. It feels good in my hand and it fits perfectly.
Don't let the lack of smiles fool you, he loves it. I was just being a bossy art director. The hat is leftover Wool of the Andes Bulky from the Ottawa Locks that I recently finished. I also had some of the plastic mesh sheeting I used to patch the Cabled Newsboy Cap so I was able to add a brim. The bulky stitches stretched quite a bit when I added the plastic sheet so I used a whip stitch in left over yarn around the edge to keep the plastic from sticking out.
Thank you Joe! I love my ring. It totally kicks butt and makes me feel like punching people.


vagabond bettie said...

tell Joe that you guys need to open an Etsy store!

E Carey said...

I just have to say that Joe is seriously good looking!