Knitting Haiku

Yesterday, The Yarn Harlot had a giveaway on her blog and in order to enter you had to write a knitting haiku in her comments.

I did, but it turns out her blog crashed when THOUSANDS of haiku showed up on her blog. When I went back today to look for mine, it wasn't there. I think the crashing eated it and she never saw it.

But I was so proud of it, so I am rewriting it for you, even though it won't win me a Franklin Habit nor One Skein book.

Binding off. Again.
I'm done. I mean it. I swear.
Won't fix it no more.

I however love the idea of Knitting Haiku and while I don't have a history of writing any sort of poetry, this could become a habit.

Cast on another
One project is not enough
I never finish.

1 comment:

Susan said...

A sewing blog I read (the selfish seamstress) writes haikus about her projects.

I love that idea!