Steaming into Port

My knitting has taken a hiatus while we prepare for shore. Which turns out is tomorrow. I lose track of time out here the days all blend together. I hear a lot of people counting down, but I am most definitely not one of those.

For starters, the last few days of the trip involve a lot of packing for me and my counterpart. I really hate packing. I would rather sail another two months, eating canned peaches, than do this packing.

This trip is a particular pain in the ass, because the containers that we want to ship so San Diego are leaving while we are still in port. We have to be completely offloaded into two containers in two days. This means I am not looking forward to port. Hot, tired, sweaty and sore is all I see in port.

The ship crew and science party on the other hand are really looking forward to it. They crew takes turns taking a day off, where they go explore and the science party only has a few pieces to ship so they will be off enjoying themselves, while I and the other technicians are here, all day, every day, loading.

This morning, is my last morning at sea and the calm before the storm. I am going to pour a hot, strong cup of coffee, fold up my laptop and sit out on deck. Soaking up the last bit of peace and concentrate on the Thanksgiving holiday right on the other side of all the crazy. I'll survive this, but this morning, I just need a little wind on my face.

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