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Knitting blogs go quiet a few times a year. Often in the summer, when summertime activities keep us away from our knitting and playing outside in the sun. Again around the winter holidays while we are frantically knitting gifts for loved ones.

Neither of those reasons apply here. I have just been, well, busy. I am moving to Seattle at the end of this month and the list of to dos for moving up the coast is extensive. As well as Christmas coming up, holiday parties, and spending quality time with friends before I go.

Knitting was been set to the wayside for a few. I bought an Ashford 24" Rigid Heddle weaving loom and worked a single project which taught me a LOT about tension. I was confused on how to change colors without carrying floats up the side or weave in ends. Although last night I hosted my weekly knitting group in my home. As kind of a going away party. The minute I mentioned my color change issue, my resident weaving expert set me straight and I emited a loud "AHA!". I should have just asked her in the first place. So yeah, forehead slap.

I am so glad that I was able to host my group at my home. It has changed quite a bit since we started knitting together 4 years ago. Members have come and gone, but several of the ole timers made it as well as some new faces. I am really going to miss these ladies. I met my former roommate Susan through this group. We've been through cancers, diabetes, surgeries, break ups and steeks together. I don't know that any of us are particularly close, but we are reliable. And it is hard not to feel a bond with someone you have worked beside every week for four years.

The new faces talk today's movie studs, unless it was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Could be either.
Patti tries on her fingerless gloves to show off.

Mag's recent weaving work, including the Avatar inspired scarves she recently finished (posted on her website SDMags)

Nancy's "Dorky" kitty eared hat she just knit for her daughter

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Susan said...

I wish I would have still been around to make it to your house for the home knitting meetup. Just to think that this time last year we had it at Bella Pacific....miss you already!