I'm on a boat

I moved.

You would expect a bigger post about it. And I have more to say. But everything I want to say involves being followed up with a photo. Which, I don't have right now. My phone had a little incident involving a sink full of water and it needed replaced. I recovered the micro SD card in it and it was insured so it will be replaced.

But immediately after I dropped it, then made the insurance claim I flew to Honolulu to start my new job aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson. So I don't have it. I don't have a micro SD card reader.

This means that I will post, in the future about my move. Until then, I'm just gonna talk (with text) about right now.

I met the Thompson in Honolulu and we left on Thursday on a transit to Seattle. All the new Techs are on board. The transit is a good opportunity to get to know the ship without pressure from the science party to provide them with data, a never-ceasing demand on a normal scientific expedition. And, better than a shipyard period, we can actually turn systems on and find out how they work. On the real ocean.

So I've been crawling behind computers and hitting switches and digging in boxes on dark dusty shelves. It has been very enlightening. I can't believe how much I have learned in the last two days on board the vessel with no supervision. I broke something called SWAP on an IP address Easter Egg hunt. As a result I had to email people who knew things about it and got it fixed. For the curious it is a wireless way to share data, ship to ship or ship to shore in the event that our satellite internet connection is down, or if we are working on a project jointly with another vessel.

I found a new echosounder deck unit partially installed with broken COM ports and managed to find a replacement PCI board digging through some of our stores. I dusted off and pulled out the ship's magnetometer system and figured out how it is put together and determined it needs a little love from the manufacturer before we can use it later in the year.

I've also written my first wiki. On several topics. I squealed with glee when I got a Table of Contents on my first page.

My co-workers are all really great. They all come from a different institution with different skills in different areas of marine research, very communicative, enthusiastic and we all have flashy ideas for pimping out this vessel. Next year, I think this will be an amazing place to do science. It does the job now, but it's gonna get better.

While I am having a super productive time on board the ship. I am looking forward to returning to Seattle and finding out how what it is like to actually live there.


Anonymous said...

Congrats again Brandi! Sounds like you've found the right job and are going to have some great opportunities to make it even better. I hope you enjoy Seattle! What area are you in? There's a lot of fun stuff to do, I miss it a bit, though not when I hear it has snowed! LOL. I'd wish you good luck, but I'm not sure you need it! Have a great trip back to Seattle!

Anonymous said...

We are extremely excited and happy
for you kiddo! Hope we can view some of your research on ship here as before. Hugs and lotza lotza love. :)

Murf said...

Sound like you are going to be able to set the boat up the way and how you want it.. will get to know it like the back of your hand in time. Cant wait for you get settled in so we can come and crash your pad. DaD

Susan said...

I miss you! I'm so happy for you, but SD has lost a phenomenal person. Boooooo!