Back on the Rails

I am sitting on the Amtrak train getting ready to pull away from Seattle enroute to Portland, OR for continued work in the shipyard. I pulled my knitting out of my luggage and prepared to join the second ball of romney I spun up this week.

A thunderbolt struck my head as I discovered what may be the absolute best part of the Navajo plied yarn. At either end you should have a loop and a cut end. I gently worked open the loop on my new ball of yarn by untwisting. I pulled it through the loop on the first ball, then pulled the entire second ball through the opening I made gently untwisting its own end. This enabled me to join the yarn with out weaving in a single end.

I am the smartest person alive, and I hope you never forget it. (I have to say that to myself once in a while)

A few other things that crossed my mind today. I took my luggage to work on the bus from where I was going to head directly to the train this afternoon. As I rolled it down The Ave this morning I was immensely grateful for the omnidirectional wheels which allowed me to push it upright. However, I really need to look into luggage with off roading tires. Where can I find that?

Overheard in line at the station today:
"You got to your pen much faster than I did."
"Oh I knew exactly where it was. It was on top because I had it out when... blah blah blah... but I was in the hospital for ten days... blah blah blah... when you have two kids..."

Seriously? To a perfect stranger it is just fine to stop at, "It was right on top."

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BeadKnitter said...

Do you think you can be in the Coeur d'Alene area on March 19th. The Log Cabin Spinners are having their annual Spin In at the Templins Red Lion Inn in Post Falls, from 9am to 5pm. All things fibery. Spinning, knitting, vendors, classes, door prizes, drawings for prizes. Lots of fun. My daughter Ruth and I are going to go. It would be great if you could too. Let me know.
Linda Jo
aka Beadknitter.