New Shower Curtain, New Life

The first weekend in my new place I was surrounded by boxes and plastic totes. This really hasn't changed so much yet (I need to buy a dresser), but I got my bed up immediately. I needed to go to the store for a shower curtain. I swear I brought a brand new one, but where it is right now I haven't the foggiest.

A friend went shopping with me and as we browsed the bed/bath section of the Northgate Target I found a great green shower curtain. I saw some green towels, which I didn't really need, but they would have broken up the stark white of my new bathroom and they went with the new shower curtain. When I asked, "Should I get some matching towels?", his response was "New shower curtain, new life. Get 'em." So I grabbed them.

We got to the bedding and mine wasn't washed after I packed my bed so I needed to do a load of laundry, but I wondered, would it be excessive to get new sheets too?

"New shower curtain, new life."

So I got new sheets.

I took the same friend out for a birthday dinner this week. We went to conveyor belt sushi (first for both of us!) at a great place called Blue C Sushi. We had sake samplers and found out that in fact not all sake tastes like nail polish. But we had to be sure to leave in time for my massage appointment. I was overwhelmed sitting there with a friend I had missed for so long, how great my life is going to be.

Last night I had dinner with my cousin. Just up and texted him, "Want to hang out?" And before you know it, I am in a restaurant with my cousin and girlfriend, and my sister. Now if you aren't aware of this, some of you have heard, my Seattle sister cracks me up and I laughed the whole way to the restaurant.

This morning I had coffee with my sister on my way into work. We are now available to each other whenever it strikes our fancy. Instead of planning a year a head of time and saving up for a flight to California, my closest friends and family are at my fingertips.

I think that this is the best possible therapy for what has been ailing me. I can see myself getting better. The moments when its hard I say to myself,

"New Shower Curtain, New Life."

(it was pointed out to me, that this also, Is an Awsesome Thing)


sdmags said...

Awesome! So happy for you that you found your place!

alice said...

You're pretty much exactly where I hope to be three months from now! Not location-wise, unfortunately (living in Seattle would be super cool!) but personally. I'm moving up to Boston, leaving my immediate family and the only town I've known for 28 years now... but suddenly, I'll be within coffee-distance of a rather large portion of my extended family!

Also, I'll be needing a new shower curtain.