Spinning and Receiving

Every single one of the yarns I have spun has been dense. And while they have all been passable yarn, I knew they could have been better. They were all first yarns though and I loved them accordingly.

I am on a mission to spin something with more bounce and stretch however. So I pulled out of my wool stash some batts of Romney I bought in Boise with my good friend Pixie17 (Rav). I think it was 4 oz, but I don't remember. It was brown with a lot of white streaks in it. Moderate VM and only lightly blended. I decided to give it a shot at fluffier yarn because if it came out less than evenly spun it would only come across as rustic.
I have to say, huge success. As I was spinning, quite a bit of lanolin came off in my hands making me feel sticky and lots of VM fell out. It was very, very roughly blended however and I came across lots of knotted wool that contributed a large number of neps to the yarn.

I navajo plied it on the fly. Afterwards I washed it with baby shampoo and hot water with a low amount of agitation. The water that came out was a little yucky, but it didn't felt and it came out even softer and bouncier than it went in.
I spun one batt, then started knitting immediately (knitting = portable, spinning = less portable). I cast on for a cowl with a feather and fan pattern, but the very low amount of yarn I have leads me to believe that a feather and fan pattern maybe isn't the best for me. One batt only gave me about 2.5 inches of cowl. I'm scared to rip it out because I'm worried about it surviving that (did I mention it is super soft and bouncy?). Anyway, what happens at this junction is yet to be decided, rip or not? But all the yarn is now spun.

And speaking of my friend Pixie17...
She likes knitting socks. I hate knitting socks. But I love wearing socks. Pixie17 and I worked out a trade (and I need to get my butt moving on my part of this trade). Pixie17, knit me a pair of socks. I want them to wear with my steel toed work boots. So when I was asked what kind of socks I wanted, I said anything thick and soft. No one will see them. Learn a new technique, or use up crazy yarn colors anything.
What I got was most definitely impossible to hide in my boots. She has named these Sunshine and that is where they are meant to be. I had a heck of a time finding shoes low enough to show off these beautiful socks.
But I think I managed. I took them to the Roller Derby on Saturday night and danced the night away in them at the after party.
But Pixie17 did not stop there. Oh No. She also made me a scarf out of some pretty blue yarn I spun up last year.
It is pretty dense, like all my yarns have been, but oh so soft particularly upon knitting up and blocking. I just realized I completely forgot to blog about this yarn, but here is an old picture from just off the plying wheel. I believe it was BFL. Where I got it? I forgot. Who dyed it? I forgot.
It makes me smile to see all the variation in my twist back then. The romney I finished this week was much more even, but I am so pleased that the old stuff is just as usable and awesome.



Liz said...

Oooh, Brandi, everything is so lovely. I miss you tons!

SheSpins said...

Preparation is the key to consistent yarn. I tear batts into strips and pre-draft it.

Susan said...

Both projects are fabulous. I love the way those socks look with your shoes. I'll have to check out Pixie on Ravelry.

Ditto Liz's last statement.