Underway FO

I started and finished this project on my recent Barnes excursion. The yarn was Karamea (75% Merino, 15% Alpaca and 10% Possom, made in New Zealand) and a gift from coworkers at UCSD.

I stared at it for a while. I wasn't sure what I wanted. There wasn't a ton, two balls, just enough for a small project. The colors went so well together that I wanted them to stay together. I didn't feel like knitting a hat. So I decided I would just play with the colors and see what happens. I cast on roughly enough for a hat and figured maybe by the time it was done, that's what it would want to be.

I cast on in blue ribbing and and decided I wanted to gradually transition into the green. I didn't have a pattern worked out. Each row I decided what I should do. I wove the second color in the back even on solid colored rows for extra smooshy warmth.

I ultimately decided that it would be great as a headband/cowl. I had been wearing my Ottowa Locks cowl, but the garter has been stretching. I love it stretched, but wrapping it three times under my work vest on the ship was a little bulky and it was getting in the way of the job. But it is AWESOME for going about on the town with leggings and boots, (don't tell Susan, but I might have finally found some style after much of her, Meggers and Special K's influence). This smaller cowl fits much nicer under my foul weather gear and can be pulled up over my ears in a pinch.

It was a struggle keeping the tension on the stranded colorwork even but it is pretty darn good I think. Although, if you look too closely, the green ribbing is much looser than the blue ribbing and the bind off is a little sloppy. Trying to bind off loose enough for stretching, which was successful but looks less good than the cast on. Note to self: practice stretchy cast offs. It is also a little tighter in the middle where I had equal amounts of green and blue (see the second picture) but that's just me being nitpicky.


Liz said...

super-duper job, Brandi!

Susan said...

You know you secretly liked rockin' your sexy! lol.

I really like what you did with your cowl, especially how the colors work together in your free-styled design.