Log Cabin Spin In, Post Falls, ID

I went to the Log Cabin Spin In in Post Falls, ID last weekend. There was some browsing. I questioned every single person with an Ashford Joy spinning wheel to see if they had ever flown with it, but no one ever had. My lovely Mom and gorgeous Sister (whom might be referred to as non-fiber folk) joined me which was very sweet of them.

My Sister has no interest in spinning, knitting or crochet, but she loves to commission things for me and her taste is very discerning. As we wandered the Spin In vendors and fondled all the goods (she is an expert), I noticed she had a taste for the soft and the fine. There wasn't a single thing she loved without a $30+ price tag. This is not really a problem though, I am the same way. She is a girl after my own alpaca/silk/woolen heart except for one single tiny little thing.

She likes crocheted items. Every fiber FO that caught her eye (except a beautiful green knitted sweater that we totally got the pattern on Ravelry for) was crocheted. I'm not super at crochet. I can do it, but you know, not awesomely. However, anything that keeps her interested in my hobby I am ok with.

Now I didn't bring anything to spin on because I was 100% certain that I would find a drop spindle at the Spin In, that is if I hadn't decided to buy a travel wheel. However, there really weren't any vendors with a-buy-this-wheel-from-me-now set up and the single, solitary vendor with drop spindles sold out immediately. Seriously? One vendor? at a Spin In?

So I called a couple of local shops and ended up heading to CDA Yarn and Fiber to find a drop spindle. Just a regular ole' student spindle. While we were there, my sister started browsing and before you know it she had picked out a small ball of yellow wool. When I started to emerge from the wooly haze I had been in, I realized that I was crocheting her a head band that afternoon. One she intended to wear that evening at a Spokane Shock game (arena football). Oh. Really? Well I had best get busy.

We stopped for burritos, where I cast on. We headed to a movie where I worked in the dark for two hours. In the car, I added a little tab for the buttons she picked out. And when we got home the ends were woven in and the buttons attached with an hour to spare before her friends showed up to take her to Spokane. Whew!

Did you catch that? I started a crochet project, with no pattern, worked in the dark and still managed to get it done in time for it's time in the spotlight. Yeah. I'm amazing.
Doesn't she look beautiful? She's got me wrapped around her pinkie.
Now I bought some fiber at the Spin In. Someday I'll show it to you I'm sure, but more importantly I received a very special gift. A knitting/science friend of mine has taken up spinning. I MAY have prodded her a little bit, but I'm sure I can't take credit for it. I did however plot against her my last trip to South America as I spoke to a mutual friend of ours about the possible outcome of a fiber gift. I personally decided against it. I mean, do you really want to be gifted the supplies to a hobby you aren't sure you want to take up/enjoy? But I'm really glad she has jumped in.

I have been watching her dye and spin lately on her blog Testy for a while now and one of her dye jobs just grabbed me. It was indigo and white splotchy roving and it was beautiful and I maybe did a little squee in her comments.

Before long she had asked for my address and I got a little excited. I found this in my mailbox.
I absolutely love it. Merino roving in blue and white. I love my custom science label "Roving for the Seismic Goddess". I started on the drop spindle I picked up at CDA Yarn and Fiber. It is 8 oz in two pieces. I split one piece and started pulling off a handful at a time. I fluff it out as airy as I can, then fold it in half and spin it roughly from the fold. At least it starts from the fold. It ends up spinning from a loose cloud of fiber in my hand. It is drafting so smoothly and beautiful.My camera is having a hard time with all the shades of blue. I haven't taken a picture of it on the spindle yet. I foresee difficulties with my phone camera. It is coming out all blue, no white spots, but with a lot of depth to the blue. Lighter and robin's egg in some places, midnight in others. I am completely, totally and utterly in love.

I'm spinning a single instead of my usual chain ply on the fly because I'm envisioning a 2 ply lace yarn that ends up in a shawl (THAT is most definitely influenced by her knitting).

That's my vision, but we'll see where it goes.

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Glad you like the roving! :)