Mountain Hitchiker

I have two ounces of handspun blue merino recently washed, snapped and dried but awaiting a great light for pictures.

Meanwhile, I present you with bus knitting (yay! I'm knitting on the bus again!).
This is Plymouth Yarn Boku. A straight up Noro knockoff. I bought two skeins on sale at Knit One Quilt Too when I yarn crawled with my friend Bekah in Kuna, ID around Thanksgiving. Wool/silk 95/5% blend. It is a single which means you have to be careful of pulling apart while knitting, but the single is much more consistent in thickness than Noro and I've noticed fewer knots and VM than my previous experiences with Noro. Mind you I'm only the first skein in. I don't have a plethora of data.

I love this colorway, I just wish it had a better name than "3". The colors remind me of Idaho mountains so I'm calling it Mountain.

The pattern is Hitchiker(RavLink) by Martina Behm. I commented on a friend's beautiful project and before you know it she sent me the pattern in Rav as a gift (did you know you could do that? cause I didn't!). It is a very simple pattern that is easily worked out if you have too, but my friend and I both felt we should give credit where credit is due. It was inexpensive and I wouldn't have wanted to make it if I hadn't seen her pattern.

I cast on yesterday while I was backing up my computer. It is knitting up so fast, although every row is longer than the last so it will slow down pretty quickly I'm sure. Because you start with 2 stitches and it grows from there the striping starts out very wide then narrows as the rows get longer and longer and longer. I think this would be a great pattern for a handspun yarn.

I had my first skein of Boku sitting around and when I cast on and loved the project I had to go digging for the second ball. I found a whole bunch of striping sock yarns sitting around my place that would be great for this pattern.


vagabond bettie said...

awesome yarn choice! It's a great pattern for the bus.

Susan said...

Bus knitting again? Nice! Hitchiker looks like a nice pattern. I just checked out your Ravelry link to it...

brandilion said...

You know Susan, I think it would be perfect for a busy new Mommy... :)