Spinning on the Brain

When I have a short amount of free time and I'm presented with two choices, knitting/spinning or blogging about knitting/spinning, knitting/spinning usually wins and blogging gets set to the wayside.

The supported spinning that I was doing the last time I blogged is finished. But it is in Seattle and I find myself again in Portland. I have no idea how much yardage I have or the weight or what it is going to be or if I will dye it. For now it will sit in Seattle and miss me. Probably for several months.

Rustic tweedy yarns have caught my attention lately. It may have something to do with Jared Flood's new yarn Shelter and his recent series of blog posts about the mill (they start here). I want so badly to try out this yarn, but buying things online is kind of out for me right now with all the time I am spending away from home and I haven't yet seen it in a yarn store.

Last night I started drop spinning some of the Imperial Yarn top I also mentioned last time. It is so fluffy and crimpy and wonderful. I want to make it into a super smooshy and highly textured yarn. The texture part is easy with the variations in blues and whites, however, spinning is another story.

I want thick, I want loft and I have finally found myself in the rut beginning spinners eventually wind up in, I can spin thin, ever thinner, but trying to consistently spin a thicker single has gotten really hard. It's funny, but I can spin a lace or fingering weight with absolutely no problem right now, but trying to up that to a worsted or larger is proving incredibly difficult.

It is something I have to tackle. I don't really care for knitting with such fine weight yarns in general. I'm a worsted kind of girl. I would settle for some sock weight yarns as I know a sock knitter I would love to gift some yarn.

So for now, I'm spinning slowly and deliberately and it is coming out a little slubby, but in the end I think the practice will be worth it. It's not quite coming out worsted weight, but it looks great and has a surprising amount of stretch and spring in it.

I have been working a lot of weekends lately. I'm really excited that this coming weekend I will be flying my little butt home to my parents. I look forward to three days away from the ship, out of a hotel and some fibery goodness. It turns out the Log Cabin Spin In is happening at Templin's in Post Falls, ID on Saturday (thanks so much to the Beadknitter for bringing it to my attention) and I plan to make a stop.

My mom isn't into fiber arts, but she has agreed to come with me. I'm hoping to see some travelling wheels around that I can try out. A friend, Trifarina, has recently become the new owner of an Ashford Joy double treadle and the idea of a travelling wheel has got me all fired up. I want, though some parts of me are sure that I NEED it. I will not however, buy a wheel I haven't tried. I am at least that responsible. I think.

I did cast on fingerless gloves with the Socks that Rock I bought last time. I'm down to one finger on the first attempt. Fingers slow me down. They are fiddly and I put them off. Eventually I'll finish. Someday. Then I can cast on a second one. /sigh


trifarina said...

Have you ever tried long draw woollen drafting from rolags? I haven't but I saw a video and it looked super lofty.

brandilion said...

I would love too. BUT... I don't want to prep the rolags. I have hand cards, I just don't have the time/desire to do it. I would pay for them, but I only saw one on etsy. Most are actually batts. I've been spinning from the fold with moderate success, I really think I need to stop drafting so thin.