R/V Marcus G Langseth

I hopped on board another ship. Maybe I should have given you a heads up. But I've had much less internet access that I was expecting and I thought I would have told you by now. Sorry.

I had an opportunity to sail on board the R/V Marcus G. Langseth and I jumped at it. It is a research vessel primarily for 3D seismic surveys and I've always wanted to hop on board and get an idea of how the 3D surveys were different from the 2D high resolution surveys I've been doing for Scripps.

It was sailing out of Costa Rica. I don't know what it is about science and Costa Rica these days, but apparently this is the place for marine research. If you haven't been funded for a research project in a while, try a proposal that mentions Costa Rica. Worth a shot. So I flew on down to San Jose Costa Rica (again) and met up with a whole new crew of technicians before riding down to Puentarenas (again). We hopped on a water taxi (the same one, I've used in all my previous trips to Puentarenas) and rode on out to the ship.

I ran around poking my head in every aspect of the operation getting a feel for how they use their sub-bottom profiler, swath sonar and thermosalinographs differently than other places I've been. As well as the logistics behind deploying 4 streamers, 4 strings of airguns, 2 vanes, a magnetometer and a Passive Acoustic Monitoring cable. The software they use for seismic is similar, if more complicated than the system I've used in the past, but I'm pleased to report it was a simple transition to monitor this larger setup.

Now that the work is out of the way, on to the wool. I've been knitting. I've been spinning. I brought a LOT. I finished my Hitchiker. Well, I completed the knitting portion. There are stillsome ends to weave in and blocking to do. I ended up using 4 skeins (unless it was 5) of the Plymouth Boku. I cast on a narrow Clapotis with a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock. Not soft. I hope it softens up in the wash. It is really snaggy too, which is weird. It snags on itself like crazy.

I continued spinning the blue fluffy cloud I bought in Portland from Oregon Yarn Company. I have spun an additional (roughly) 2 ounces to complete one 4 ounce braid. It is currently sitting on the spindle waiting for me to wind it off, but tonight I decided that I would rather pull out another spindle and spin on another project. I'm now spinning the custom dyed blue merino again. There is a serious lack of notes here. I cannot remember exactly what I was doing. I have a small skein here that I packed as an example, but I seem to remember I had split the last braid with a particular goal in mind and I can't remember what that was. I can tell it was a two ply and I'm getting similar weight, so I'll just spin it up and two ply it and call it good I guess. But I MUST take more notes in the future. Isn't that what this blog was for?

Back to this cruise. I have met lots of very cool people. I'm on the midnight to noon watch (my favorite!) with a German man and a Spanish woman who are very interesting to talk to. We discuss (actually argue) politics, science, language, economy and Facebook. Every day I'm learning something new and they have definitely prevented the 12 long overnight hours from being dull. I am definitely looking forward to that first beer off the pier with these two.

It turns out the woman is a knitter and was glad to dig into my tools and yarn and cast on a project to knit with me on watch. The man's wife is a knitter as well and he believes it is a sickness. If this is being sick, I don't want to be well.