Another Juno Emerges

The Laodice, while lovely, was not to be. The ever expanding section of stockinette stitch in the middle was boring me to tears and I was only 100 yards into it.

I had toyed with adding a lace panel in the middle of the stockinette stitch but after hours of browsing Ravelry for a lace panel I might like I came again to Juno Regina. I decided to use it and modified it into a triangular shawl knit sideways. I frogged Laodice and began again.

It was impossible to tell without sampling and blocking (neither of which I have done) if it was coming out too steep. Or steeper than I wanted. So again I modified it and I think it will come out trapezoidal instead of triangular.
It is knitting much faster and much more interesting. I have nearly finished 160 yards (the first two hanks) and thankfully just finished spinning my next 80 yards.

I am having a dilemma. I like spinning colorful things. It keeps it interesting even if I don't like the way the colors come out in the end. Knitting, I need a slightly complicated stitch. Something to keep my interest. The problem I have is that I don't care for the way variegated yarn looks with complicated stitch patterns. It looks better in a simple stitch and the complicated stitches look better with simple colors. For me, it just looks better. And I understand lots of people will disagree with me.

Maybe I'll feel differently when the work on this shawl thing is at an end. But I have a feeling it will be getting an over-dye job when it is completed.

Besides that, the yarn is soft with a lovely hand that is a pleasure to knit.


kiki said...

what about different textures to spin instead of colors? would that be sufficiently interesting to spin while still looking good on patterns?

brandilion said...

That's an idea. I'm new to spinning and my only concern with that is that texture can have a lot to do with how I've prepped the yarn to begin with. Once it's prepped the only things to change are short/long draw, from the fold or amounts of twist. I'm new enough to this I think I need to stick with trying to make my yarn consistent too.

But that was definitely a good question/idea.