Laodice in BFL/Silk

Here is the top I purchased at the North Idaho Spin In. It is BFL and [Tussah?] Silk, probably 70/30%. The colors in the first image are much more true than the second.I am spinning it in very small batches on a student spindle (somehow the only fiber and spindle I brought with me, WTF?). Seriously small batches actually, I finished my first 81 yards and cast on a project.

I'm spinning in small batches so I can knit as I go (I can't spin in bed) and that way I don't get anchored down for hours with 100s of yards of single wrapped around my wrist. I need projects I can pick up and put down immediately when I'm working at sea.
I'm being pretty lazy with the colors and it is muddying the yarn. I'm not loving it, but maybe that's because I wanted something very Spring and this feels very Autumn to me the more I work on it. Maybe late Summer. My co-worker likes it, but I think it might grow on me knitted up.

I decided upon the pattern Laodice from Knit Picks. I had a few criteria as I was browsing Ravelry patterns. I wanted a Lace or Light Fingering weight project. I know I can knit it with whatever weight I want, and I often make weight substitutions, but I didn't want to guess, spinning as I go seems like enough variables already. I wanted a shawl with some lace to keep it interesting. I wanted a sideways construction because I didn't want to cast on/bind off 100s of stitches.

I also didn't want to pay 10 dollars. There were a fair few sideways constructed lace-y Shawlettes, but I didn't really feel any of them were complicated enough to be worth the $7.50 price average they seemed to be. This one was $1.99 and that felt like exactly the right price.
I like the pattern so far. I changed the double decreases it was using to sl2togk1psso (slip 2 together, knit 1, pass slipped stitches over) because I prefer the centered double decrease to a leaning double decrease pretty much all the time.

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