Ship to Shore to Ship

I finished my cruise. I did not finish my spinning projects and I knit a hat which was MASSIVE. Seriously the only person who could wear it would probably have a head full of fake dreads. These are the only two photos that prove this hat existed.

It has since gone to live with a Vegetarian Texan Oceanographer.

I went to Costa Rica and spent some time on the ranch again. Walked away with some hand picked cotton again. The only photographic evidence currently in existance of said cotton.

I also have not finished the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, but that is impending.

I then returned home for 8 days, before I set sail again. I more or less tried to cram 2 or three months of social activities into 8 days. Quite frankly, that was exhausting. I somehow managed to pack in there somewhere, but it appears as if I did a very poor job.

Neither of my blue spinning projects made it with me, but somehow a spare student spindle and the wool/silk blend I purchased at the North Idaho Spin In a few months back did. So can you guess what I'm working on?
I have no idea what kind of wool and I presume the silk is tussah? Maybe? But the stable length is incredibly long, the crimp is pretty low. Could I get a drapey shawl out of it?

I did bring a small amount of knitting as well. I started a hat ages ago for my sister. She wanted a hat with a brim. I have knit the entire hat part and have stalled at the brim section. I stalled for two reasons, laziness and I decided to line it with a complimentary color because wool makes her itchy.

I grabbed everything in sight related to this project to finish it on this cruise and forgot the plastic sheeting for the brim. Now I can try to knit the brim anyway and then it is just a 30 minute seaming/lining job when I get home, but without the sheeting as a guide I'm pretty sure I'm going to muck up the knitting. But I'll give it a shot anyway. Maybe I'll use a cardboard guide then cut the same sized piece of sheeting when I get home.

So yeah, I'm out at sea. Again.

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