Summer time means too busy to blog!

1. I moved into a new place. A house. With lots of room for...
2. I got a new spinning wheel! I'm up to three now. This time it was an Ashford Kiwi used. And oh my gosh it is so easy to spin!
3. I had a housewarming/birthday costume party, Superheros vs Villians. It was so much fun. I went as Storm from XMen and we also had The Paleontologist and Rick Roll. Hysterical!
4. I went to Boise for the 4th of July and got to see my some Grandparents, celebrate my nephew's first birthday and kick a ten year old's butt at mini-golf (highlight of my summer!).

Knitting Content...

I am continuing in the Modified Juno Regina. It has a home lined up for it now. It needs to go to my Grandmother. My Grandpa offered to buy it off me, but I told him the minute we talked money it would become a chore and I'd never finish it. So here I am on another cruise and it is the only project I brought with me.

I have only been knitting it on ships and I've been ashore almost all month so it's moving slow, but I really had a great time shoreside so I'm fine with it.

Also, my knitting has kind of taken a dive. I really just want to spin. One of the reasons for purchasing the Kiwi (who still needs a name) was I falling head over heels in love with the blue yarn I was getting from the blue roving I bought at Twisted in Portland, OR. I needed more than the 8 ounces I bought and so I found 12 more ounces and I wanted to get it spun up faster than the drop spindle was allowing me at the time. I need a cabled cardigan in this yarn. I think I need to find more roving too.

While on my last cruise I made a lot of online purchases from etsy. Not large amounts from any one person, but I was looking for wool from many different breeds. With different crimps, different staple lengths. I don't have any pictures and I haven't started playing with them yet.