I spun two ounces of the blue roving I bought at Twisted in Portland, OR while watching Malice in Wonderland last night with Kathryn. I showed her the magic that is the umbrella swift and let her ball up some giant hanks that were giving her trouble. It's been a long time since I've been with my knitting group in San Diego, and I think I was really missing them. I haven't really been around Seattle much since the move to give me the opportunity to build up or find a knitting group again. Having a family friend who shares the hobby and wants to watch movies and work on projects together feels really good.

Back in San Diego, my hobby and my community were one and the same. My friends were knitters. It's what we did together. It was wonderful and motivational. Since the relocation, my social activities have been separated from my hobby. It isn't a good or bad thing, it's just the way it is. I have had no lack of socializing, but I haven't been knitting like I was before. I'm not as motivated to pull out a project.

I have a desire for custom knits out of my stash though. Kind of frustrating. I see this pile of wool and have all these ideas for what they should be, but have a disconnect between the pile and the finished project.

That said, I WILL have a cabled cardigan from the blue roving, but I haven't found a pattern that is inspiring me. I need your ideas. I want cabled, but not over designed, not over complicated, but interesting enough to knit and flattering for my busty frame.


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Dena Abella said...

Hi, Saw one of your posts on Ravelry and looked at your blog. I finished Cassidy earlier this year and love it. Just enough cableing to keep me interested, but not enough to lose my mind. I see you were from San Diego? I grew up in Huntington Beach, so I'm a N.W. transplant, too. I'm in Tacoma, if you ever want to get to together and knit. On Rav. I'm ILOVEEWE.