The day before moving onto the ship, I pulled all my knitting needles together and pulled out the ones that I thought I would need for this trip.  I more or less brought one circular of each size I had (I have tons of size 10s!), then an assortment of complete dpn sets.  I have been knitting on this double knit hat for several days on size 5 bamboo cirques and it's starting to get a little fiddly so I thought I would change it up to size 5 dpns.  What kind of idiot was I? Packing size 5 circulars but not dpns? We all know this isn't catastrophic.  I'll be magic looping it from here on out, but I don't like it.

Also, I learned a few things working on this project.
1 - Colors of the same intensity are very difficult to see against one another.  I should have chosen higher contrasting yarns.  Because when you can't really make out the color pattern, you mostly see in consistencies in the tension.
2 - One large showpiece color work pattern is probably enough for a hat, to many different color work patterns look a little, "busy".
3 - Write the things you learn down before you forget. Because this list was longer than two items.

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