Focus, spin, knit, now.

Three quarters of the way through my scarf I realized how little time I had left on this cruise.  How is it Sept 20th already?  I want to finish the BFL/Silk Shawl in order to have it dyed and completed in time for Christmas, which really needs to be done before I get on a ship again at the beginning of November.  So I got busy with a little spinning last night.

I am anxious now to get these done.  A little Ravelry forum browsing this week has set my sights on a new project.  A big project. A just for me project.  Seeing as all my Christmas stuff has to be done by the beginning of November, I figured I could bring along an ambitious personal project for my November/December months at sea.

There will be swatching. There will be color. There might be shaping.  There will definitely be pattern alteration.  Teamwork may be involved.  My brain has already left the projects I'm on and the yarn is in my online shopping cart for a more opportune purchasing time (like being home to receive it).  I'm doing math that is pointless until I have a swatch.

I have to finish what I'm on.

Focus, spin, knit.

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