Franklin Habit Works Wonders

When last we met I told you about how I had lost my knitting Mojo but had become enamored of spinning.

But then my summer got busy and all fiber arts fell to the wayside.  I'm not sorry in the slightest, I have been having a fantastic summer: parties, camping, Penny Arcade Expo and I even hosted a house concert.

Today I got underway again though and something had to come with me. I was debating projects. Should I bring spinning or knitting? Which am I more likely to do/enjoy?

Well this week, several things happened to aid in my decision.
Monday I wished a knitting buddy happy birthday and she asked if I was going to see Franklin Habit this week in Seattle.  I then found out that I had one more day than I thought before getting underway, closely followed with, where and when Franklin would be coming: five blocks from my house, before I left town and free at the Seattle Knitters Guild meeting.

I had no idea that the Seattle Knitters Guild met once a month so close to me.  I also was NOT going to miss seeing Franklin when the convenience of it was practically spoon fed to me.  I grabbed and wound a hank of Malabrigo (I'm honestly not even sure which Malabrigo I bought, must have been worsted, but it felt heavier in my hand) I found on sale at Churchmouse Yarns the weekend before when Knitters Delight came to visit and grabbed an appropriate sized circular needle to cast on a little project while I listened to Franklin.

The evening was fantastic on more than one level.  It is has been a long while since I was surrounded by knitters.  It felt so good. It is so easy to meet new people when you are a knitter.  I had been in the building all of 5 minutes before I was knitting on someone else's project.  I asked if she would mind if I filled out her row (we were sitting in pews) and she said absolutely not and handed me her work. We laughed because it was hilarious (I know some of you had to be told that).  I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to fondle the Zephyr she was working with either.  I am going to be out of town for every single meeting the rest of the year, but I definitely want to join the SKG and start attending meetings.

I cast on my own project and the yarn felt great.  It was a super simple project, some ribbing to start, and I was able to eye other projects, listen to business and meet others without even pausing my knitting.

Franklin talked about Victorian knitting patterns.  Should you find this to be a dull topic, you are probably at the wrong site.  He was so funny.  He touched upon the crazy in all of us knitters that like to do things the hard way, the utterly crazy picture Victorian needlework pattern books paints of the age and how macrame apparently didn't spontaneously erupt from LSD, polyester and hot tubs in the 70s.  Franklin was a complete and utter delight to listen to and I was sitting on the edge of my chair for the entire event, fingers flying completely unnoticed in my lap.

In fact, by the time he had finished speaking, half my project was finished and my knitting mojo was completely recovered.  I finished the project yesterday, images will soon follow, but I can't reveal the entire project to you, I mean Christmas season is quickly falling upon us.  I've cast on another already.

Thank you so much Franklin Habit for fixing my knitting. Be my new best friend?


sdmags said...

I so agree. I love that man and spent two days with him. He is so awesome. I'm so glad you got your mojo back!

PS: Thanks for the bday wishes. I'm spending it with my spinning peeps.

Susan said...

I'm so glad you have your knitting mojo back! I can't wait to cast on for my new project soon, too.

trifarina said...

Franklin Habit of knitty.com fame? Sooo jealous! Houston is not a happening place for fiber arts.