I have just finished the greatest hat ever.

Double knit means twice as thick and extra warm.  It is going to be hard not to wear it myself in the computer lab, but as it is meant to be a christmas present I have decided it probably shouldn't be a used hat.

It is adult human sized, which is often a problem with my hats.  And I know this because it got a beta test this afternoon. No that doesn't mean I wore it, it means I tested it.

As it was being tested, my hair was slightly damp, and the hat generated a fair amount of heat on my head.  So received a light blocking as well.  Very light.

I got a few pictures while it was tested and blocked, which is referred to as modeling.

I tested it. And blocked it. And modeled it.  I didn't wear it.

 Now if you look too closely, which you won't, the gray yarn appears to be a little loftier than the maroon yarn, a little fuzzier.  The image suffers a little as a result.  Also, the difficulty of double knitting appears to have affected the consistency of my tension.  There are several mistakes of color, especially early on in the project.  In fact the frequency of color mistakes is null at the top and frequent on the bottom.
So it may not be the greatest hat ever, but it is warm, impressive to the untrained eye and being heavily oohed and aahed over as appropriate.  And I wish it were destined to be mine.

Alas, you cannot see it until Christmas.  Let the Secrets begin.

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Susan said...

I really like it!