Little Red in the City - Ysolda Teague

I followed the trials and tribulations of Ysolda Teague via her blog as she wrote Little Red in the City only to be slightly disappointed when it was released. The price point was huge. The patterns were not anything that really caught my eye as something I wanted to wear.  The knits and their pictures were beautiful, but they weren't garments I wanted.  So I passed.

I belong to a group on Ravelry dedicated to fitting problems, namely bust fitting problems.  We discuss finding bras, sizing and altering patterns and clothes for a better fit in both the larger and smaller busted crowd.  In answer to a forum posted question, someone recommended reading Little Red in the City and referring to it as a wealth of information about sizing, fitting and shape.

So I found it in person at Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island, WA.  Lo' and Behold! No lie.  Nearly half the hefty, hefty book is dedicated to getting the proper fit, placing darts, fitting yourself and gauge swatching.  Every pattern is discussed in painful, horrible, fantastic detail including pictures of both regular and plus sizes.  Short Acts of the Fates, there is absolutely no reason any knitter shouldn't end up with an absolutely stunning, well fit sweater.

My mind has been swayed, I probably want one of these sweaters and I'll be referencing this book heavily in the future. 

Dear Ysolda,
I am so, SO sorry I ever doubted you.
Your newest devotee,


BeadKnitter said...

Thank you for the review. I have ordered it. ;-)

Susan said...

I thought there were some nice patterns when you showed me the book at the store. I know you will at least be able to use a few patterns for a jumping off point in addition to the sizing resources.